Kit DIY “Lip service”: Bálsamo Labial
Kit DIY “Lip service”: Bálsamo Labial

Kit DIY “Lip service”: Bálsamo Labial


Kit DIY “Lip service”: Bálsamo Labial

  • DIY gift for any occasion
  • Homemade natural lip balms
  • Includes brochure with step by step instructions
  • Natural ingredients not tested on animals
  • Limited and exclusive Naissance KIT

General description

Create your own lip balm with this easy-to-use kit. Fun, creative and knowing what ingredients it includes, since it is homemade. It contains all the necessary ingredients to make a natural and nutritious lip balm.

This is a great gift for lovers of lip balms or natural cosmetics. It can also be used as details at weddings or parties.

Fun, soft lips and ...

  • 10g beeswax
  • Refined Coconut 20g
  • Cocoa Butter 10g
  • Macerated Calendula 15g
  • Vitamin E Capsules x2
  • Wooden spatula x1
  • Aluminum lip balm container x5

These natural ingredients have been selected for their benefits: natural vitamin E for its moisturizing and antioxidant properties, enriched by the nutritional qualities of cocoa butter and coconut oil, in addition to the softening properties provided by calendula oil, leaving soft and hydrated lips. Wonderful combination to make exquisite lip balms.

Always perform an allergy test before using a new product.

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